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Infertility is the inability to achieve pregnancy. Infertility can often be treated with surgical procedures or medications. In the Dallas Metro Area, Dr. Chesshir and Dr. Ellis at Boardwalk OB/GYN, specialize in infertility and can aid in family planning by helping to choose the right treatment for you.

Infertility Q & A

When Should I Visit My Doctor?

It is highly recommended to visit your OB/GYN before you start trying to become pregnant. Your doctor will discuss what you can expect, how your medical history might impact your pregnancy and perform routine tests. In some cases, your infertility might be anticipated, and your doctor can guide you towards your best options for achieving your goals. Infertility is often diagnosed after a couple has been trying to conceive for a year or more and has not achieved pregnancy. More often than not, the only symptom of infertility is the inability to become pregnant.

It is important to note that infertility does not solely affect women. Male infertility is a very real condition that can be caused by a number of factors. In fact, up to half of all cases of infertility involve the male partner.

What are the Causes of Infertility?

Many conditions can cause infertility. Some are more simple to solve than others, such as hormonal imbalances or being under or over weight. Others may require surgical interference to correct. Women who suffer from PCOS, pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis are at a higher risk of facing the challenges of infertility.

How Can My Doctor Help?

Your treatment path will depend on your diagnosis and the cause of your infertility. In many cases, a woman who has been diagnosed with infertility can be treated with medications and obtain pregnancy shortly after. If you have a medical condition that significantly impacts the reproductive system, such as endometriosis, surgery may be recommended. For those who cannot achieve pregnancy naturally, there are other options. An increasing number of couples are turning to in vitro fertilization when faced with the realities of infertility and are having great success with expanding their family. If you believe that you are suffering from infertility, make an appointment with our Boardwalk OB/GYN team today.

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